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River's End, 
where the flowers begin

Life is a river, constantly flowing, always shifting. Aren't we all in need of a place that is still, where we can just be? Home has always been that place for me. A place that from time to time the river ends.

Meet the Team

Lindsay in the flowers

Lindsay Nichols

Lindsay has always had a weakness for beautiful things. Flowers weren't always on her radar but when they got there they arrived with not a whisper but a bang. 

She has found that nurturing living things and working with her hands in the dirt is some of  the most fulfilling work she has done. 

You can find her at the farmer's market behind a wall of bouquets, designing floral arrangements, and striving to build a flower farm that brings happiness to not just her but the people around her.

Shane Nichols

Shane is the other half of the farm, he is the half that may not be seen as often, but that is just the way he likes it.

He can be found constructing high tunnels, fixing, procuring, and even inventing farm equipment, fabricating wedding arches, and popping in at the farmers market from time to time.


Becca Shaw

An offer to help plant a few things turned into a fulltime job. Lindsay's longtime close friend Becca has become the right hand that the farm couldn't do without.

She can be found helping with any and all jobs at the farm. From planting and harvesting, to running the farmers market booth and everything in between. 

Becca at the farmer's market


By far the friendliest member of the crew, Maya's eternal love can be bought with a treat of any size, shape, or form.

Her position as farm supervisor requires her to involved in all aspects of flower farming. From napping in the field, napping in the design studio, napping at the farmer's market booth, to even napping on the car ride between florist deliveries. She takes her job very seriously and has never taken a sick day.

Maya with sunflowers
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